Winter Wonderlands: Where In The World To Go For Snow

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When you decide that you want to head out on a break, you can automatically think about getting some sun. When you’re stressed out, and you need some time off, there’s nothing quite like the idea of the warmth to cheer you up. But it isn’t just the coastlines that can offer you a relaxing break with a lot of sun. You can often get the same effect when you opt for a snow holiday too. And the best part about considering a snow holiday? There are so many different countries that can offer you a slice of snow, a hint of winter sun, and a whole lot of fun.

First up, France. This country definitely has some great coastlines and countryside on offer, but their snowscapes are also second to none. The French snow covered areas are some of the most breathtaking in the world. You have the Alps that form the base of the winter wonderlands, and every resort has something to offer - even if you’re not a fan of skiing, like in Avoriaz. So if you want to enjoy great food and stunning landscapes, pick France.

Then there’s always Finland to consider. To the north of Europe, you’ll find this fine country to the west of Russia next to Sweden and Norway. And found in Finland’s Arctic Lapland is a gorgeous spread of snow. There are some top adult activities in Lapland that make this a great winter destination. From seeing The Northern Lights to snowmobiling and dog sledding, there’s a lot of excitement to be found in Finland.

Slightly further afield but still ideal for a winter wonderland break is Canada. Here you’ll find a wealth of snowy resorts to lure you in. Banff is one of the most popular resorts that Canada can offer. The views are breathtaking and being nestled in the mountains is a beautiful feeling. With lots of snow sports to consider too, Canada is definitely a top contender when it comes to choosing your winter wonderland.

Heading back to Europe for another hot spot and we come across Austria. Austria is synonymous with stunning landscapes and natural beauty, so of course, their snow scene is not to be discounted. While there are many locations to consider, each with their own draw, you’re going to want to pick the perfect spot that can work to your winter fun needs. Whether you want skiing and lots of it, or culture, food and entertainment, the small and not so small Austrian towns will have everything you’re hoping for.

Back across the pond again for another big contender. How could we not consider the USA for all things winter fun and snow? This great country can offer us a slice of every season, and when it comes to snow, they have some of the best resorts worldwide. Even if you’re not sure on the USA vs. Canada, some of America’s incredible resorts like Alta in Utah and Breckenridge in Colorado, you can find winter sports, exciting entertainment, varying culture, great food and more across the US’s snow resorts.


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