Making the Most of a Small Living Room

One of the most important rooms in the home is arguably the living space. It’s where the family gathers to interact with each other, it’s where you entertain guests and it’s usually one of the biggest rooms in the house. In most homes, it’s also where guests interact with the hosts as they cook due to the popularity of open-plan kitchens that merge both the living area and the cooking area.

Sadly, many of us are cursed with small living rooms due to how expensive housing is. Thankfully, it’s easy to make a bit some extra space or give the illusion of a wider living area, and here are a few tips on how you can do just that.
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Move non-family or group things out of the room
If you’ve got a computer in the living room for personal use, then consider turning a spare room into an office or investing in a laptop instead so you can get rid of the bulky desk and equipment. If it’s not family-related, then it usually doesn’t have a place in the living room. Anything personal should be kept in bedrooms so that the living room space can be reserved for groups, meetings and interacting with loved ones. Try your best to clear out the clutter so that everything from the storage space to the entertainment is focused on family use.

Re-work the layout of your living room
Depending on what type of layout you have, you could benefit from a complete furniture reshuffle. For instance, if your television is the centre of your living room then consider investing in corner TV stands or wall-mounting your television to make it visible from more angles. This will make your room feel a little more spacious and it could open up more areas of your living room that were previously occupied by bulky pieces of furniture.

Utilise the corners and walls of your living room
There’s plenty of space to be used in the living room, especially if you turn to the corners or walls instead of just relying on your floor space. Wall shelves are fantastic because they don’t take up any space on the floor and you can install several of them to store things like DVDs, video games, books, photos and small memorabilia. The more things you lift off the ground, the more space you’ll have.

Choose low-profile furniture
There are some pieces of furniture that will take up huge amounts of space. For instance, a coffee table is usually quite a large piece of furniture that might not see much use, so instead of getting a large one in the event that you might have a use for it in the future, get a set of nested coffee tables that can slide underneath themselves. It takes up less space, retains the same functions and can sometimes be cheaper as well. Similarly, you could consider sofas or armchairs that take up less space. There are some which have slimmer profiles that give the appearance of more space in the living room despite serving the same purpose.

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