PARENTING - Top 5 Things To Keep A Toddler Busy During Long Haul Flight Or Flight Delay

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We have finally booked our tickets to Hong Kong for next year. If I am honest I am not looking forward to it as I am sure I will come back SO tired with a toddler. One of the things I dread is the 13.5 hour long haul flight...yup our first flight with the little one is silly long hours but it's got to be done. The great part is she will get her own seat even if she was able to sit on our laps before the age of 2 I would have still got her a seat to make life easier for us all.

Anyway I have started researching on how to get through this flight with hubby. At her age she doesn't like sitting still and constantly need entertaining oh god.... It will be an over night flight but with a toddler there is no guarantee she will sleep through or sleep much so we need to be prepared including any flight delays.

My top 5 suggestions on keeping her busy:

1. Keep Em Quiet travel packs - planning on buying 2 of these packs, one for there and back. These look absolutely amazing, such a clever and simple idea. There are different packs for boys / girls / different age groups and short / medium / long trips. You can say you can put one together yourself but to be honest it's nice to see what things they would include and it's one less thing to sort out on my "to do" list.
2. iPad - I know people hate this one but lets be honest anything to keep them entertained. Download some games / cartoons and make sure you carry a portable charger.
3. Poundland - head to Poundland to pick up extra bits just in case you come across flight delays. Nothing worse than experiencing flight delay on a long haul with a toddler. If you do experience flight delay don't worry just think of the *compensation for flight delays you can be in for which could pay off your holiday! With the extra toys wrap them all up as presents in different wrapping paper as opening up keeps them busy that little longer...

4. Snacks - plenty of snacks and different variety. Including cartons of formula as my girls always sleeps better after drinking milk.
5. kids are kids...at the end of the day if they play up there is nothing you can do. So don't feel embarrassed as I am sure there are other parent passengers who will feel for you and understand what you are going through. The ones that don't tough...let your kid cry more to annoy them further! haha

Lastly I have my eye on one of these Jetkids which converts into a bed as well as storing all your toys / snacks everything. If it works it's a miracle and none of the toys will be needed and she will sleep through!!!


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