Sustainable Travel For The Family Could Include Rubbish Clearance Somewhere Breathtaking


If you are a parent with a strong commitment to litter picking and rubbish clearance, we want to offer you an idea for your next family holiday.

For some, a good holiday includes sipping pina coladas on a warm beach or packing the kids off to some over the top highly commercial amusement park. However, many people are now seeking something entirely different than mere opulence and luxury. The perfect holiday for an increasing number of people is doing something that adds new meaning to their life and or gives them the opportunity to give back to the world. The travel industry calls this new type of travel "voluntourism." It means you spend part or all of your holiday volunteering to do something that will truly make a difference in the world.

Here are just a few examples of a voluntourism holiday. Some people may sign up to work on a sustainable organic farm that is feeding impoverished communities. Others may volunteer for conservation projects dedicated to restoring habitat for endangered species. People who want to help others may decide to travel to New Orleans, listen to jazz in the French Quarter at night, while helping to rebuild houses destroyed by the devastating Hurricane Katrina by day. There's no reason that your passion for rubbish clearance can't be part of a voluntourism holiday too! In fact, it could be a great excuse to travel some place that you've always dreamed of seeing!

Instead of indulging your children with a family holiday packed with activities that will only make them happy for short while, why not give them a life experience that will live in their heart and soul forever? Why not give them an experience that will make a deep impression down to their nerve network and instill in them wisdom beyond their years? Voluntourism can give a child the opportunity to connect their natural curiosity with their conscience and help them develop a real zeal to change the world for the better!

In July 2016, the BBC asked for stories about litter picking. A guy named Jo told about caravanning around Scotland on holidays with his dad and litter picking as they went along. When he grew up, he passed on this honorable tradition to his own children by doing rubbish clearance on the beaches of Lochgoilhead during their Spring Bank Holiday. They would burn what they found in a bonfire and had great fun doing so. Philip from Essex told how the British Mountaineering Council taught leaders of trips through the National Parks to encourage families to engage in rubbish clearance even in remote areas.

If you want to show your kids exotic beautiful places while still traveling with a purpose, there's no better way than to participate in an International Coastal Cleanup sponsored by the Ocean Conservancy! The date this year is September 16th, 2017 so it's less than a month away. Their motto is "Harnessing the Power of People to Fight Ocean Trash." You can check out their map of beach cleanup locations here: https://oceanconservancy.org/trash-free-seas/international-coastal-cleanup/clean-up-locations/. Unfortunately all ocean beaches are littered with rubbish but it does give you the perfect excuse to travel the world with your kids.

You can combine similar rubbish clearance activities with holidays to metropolitan areas from London to Paris to New York City! If there's a city you've always wanted to visit, you can always google that city along with terms like "litter picking" or "trash cleanups" and find well organized litter picking campaigns to plug into and plan your vacation around! You could also do the same informally such as spending a few hours each day in Central Park in New York City picking up trash! With that warm and fuzzy feeling you'll have from your rubbish clearance activities, you and the kids will be in the perfect frame of mind when you take in a Broadway show later in the day!

Of course, you can also have fun weekend excursions that involve litter picking right in England. Check the Clearabee Facebook page or post a request on their timeline to connect with non-profit groups who are involved in community litter picking activities. You could also tweet a request to the Clearabee Twitter account. Let people know that you are looking to combine litter picking with the kids with a fun weekend excursion. You can also check out the Clearabee LinkedIn page to find others to connect with for volunteer rubbish clearance opportunities. Clearabee is well connected to groups who litter pick and who want that rubbish they collect to be picked up by a company that will take it to a place for upcycling and recycling.

Enjoy your voluntourism holiday with the kids and create memories that won't need to be digigraphed because the memory of it will be burned in your memories forever. However, some selfies of you and the kids standing by the rubbish bonfire is a must! If you do this, send them to Clearabee and ask them to post a copy to their Facebook page.


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