5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out When You’re Just Not Feeling It

Let's be honest a lot of us don't have time for exercise or we don't want to be making time for various reasons. Here are 5 simple ways to motivate yourself to work out when you are just not feeling it!

1. Put your workout clothes on. 
In particular finding something that fits and you like always helps rather than a plan t shirt and black leggings because it's the closest gym gear you own. Bright colours may get you in the mood rather than dark colours especially in the winter.

2. Variety
Doing the same work out day in day out is boring. Mix it up a little, plan a different work out weekly for variety. Write down how you feel after your work out so you can read back on it for motivation.

3. Join a work out group
Working out in a group often gives you motivation especially on days when you are just not feeling it...a friend encourage you to go.

4. Healthy Eating
Stop eating rubbish food and eat more healthy. Cut down on all sugars and saturated fat is a good start and always eat breakfast.

5. Last Option
If you really get desperate then last resort could be fat freezing. Companies such as Pulse Light Clinic can offer a quick solution. It's non surgical fat reduction which treats stubborn exercise and diet resistant fat, suitable for all skin types. It's literally no downtime and minimal discomfort. They offer free consultations and walk in's are welcome. 
Stubborn fat cells are something most of us have to deal with on a regular basis and some areas just don't seem to budge!

The CoolSculpting pack is placed over the area of fat to be treated and left for one hour. During this time, you can rest, read, check your emails or even nap! While you relax the fat is being frozen, causing the fat cells to die. The body’s natural processes then flush out these dead cells, removing them from the area and eventually the entire body.
CoolSculpting is suitable for:
  • Belly fat
  • Double chin
  • Flabby thighs
  • Love handles
  • Saggy bum
  • Back fat
Pulse light clinic are in the heart of London close to Bank / Liverpool Street station and option till 8pm weekdays and 5pm weekends.


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