Contemporary And Chic Home Designs Don't Have To Clash

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When we look at the modern home design, we see the overall pattern is that of mostly skin deep style. As with modern styles, they have chosen to go in a completely different direction. Either they focus on sharp edges and vivid straight lines that echo symbolically the post-modern brutalism, or they overcomplicate with intricate pieces that try too hard to impress. The great thing about the contemporary style is that although it does try to take one step at a time towards new style, techniques, designs and flows in the home design field, it still respects historical achievements. Chic interior pieces for home decor are actually quite a great contrast if you can align the style with the rest of the room. These pieces become the subtle, odd one out but also somehow manage to bring something new, and off the wall without trying to break away from other genres. Incorporating this flair into your home is a challenge of imagination more so than anything else.

Living in elegance

The living room is like the workhorse of the home because it’s usually where you spend most of your time when you’re relaxing. You also host parties and have meaningful talks with friends and family while enjoying a cup of coffee and snacks. That’s why it's so important to have a style that reflects your personality but also has an adventurous and serious side to your choices. A book cabinet is the one of the most elegant pieces of furnishing you can have. Buy one this made from a high-quality wood such as beechwood or perhaps if you’re really bold, mahogany. The elegant and powerful swirls and sprouting flowers of the four corners would be an excellent example of craftsmanship and carpentry. Even better would be for the cabinet to be varnished into a darker tone, and the light is bouncing off lifts up the shapes and curves naturally.

Chic styles in the modern age are following tones of obscurity. They’re often outlandish, brightly colored and finding a way to take something that is old, and converts it into something new. A bright reading chair in the corner of the room, would greatly contrast an elegant room and inject a little voguish and snappy tones. Rather than leather the best chic chairs are made from fabric, stuffed with foam. The seat is supposed to be softer, more comfortable and able to absorb your weight much more evenly than a leather chair. Be careful not to be overly bright, and make use of patterns such as floral. However, it shouldn’t be monotone but broken up with a dull color such as cream as the background.

Stone and glass

Contemporary homes are usually coming from a perspective of grandiose design that has been made more manageable for the average home. The style comes from the homes of the aristocracy in mainland Europe. Their back gardens were always double layers, whereby the rough stoning would be consistent of the floor immediately after the exiting the back door. This would be the first true version of the patio because it was essentially a holding or relaxing area that eventually leads onto the garden and a footpath. By incorporating this philosophy into your own home, you would exude a sophistication for your home. Darker stones are usually the most contemporary as they are least likely to show any imperfection to the naked eye. Lighter tones are great if you’re living in a hotter climate and the sun shines regularly.

By laying down a foundation before the stoning is laid over the top, you can also forge a tangible border that can be used to erect a chic railing style. The installation and different kind of styles can be learned from this great guide. Glass is the most modern style for the chic railing in the back garden. The glass is far from fragile and is more often than not purely tempered glass, so there is very little chance of fracturing or fragmentation if it is hit with some force. The clearer the glass is, however, the more expensive, it will be but on the upside to this is the fact that looks the most chic and extravagant than opaque styles.

Practical and delicate

The kitchen is a room that not many people can decide whether to enact a style makeover or not. However, for the chic style, this is the room that has seen perhaps the most innovation for home interiors than any other. Bright red bar stools would add to the atmosphere of fun, imagination, and creativity which subconsciously would help you during the cooking process to be more daring. Cabinet can also be painted in bright colors such as orange, blue, green and yellow, to add a little chic flair into the zone where food is prepared. Along with this, you could also add a vibrant fruit bowl that sits neatly in the corner. Corners are usually darker points of the room, but with a bright purple or turquoise, it smoothens out the edges as well as bring a new character into the mix.

Contemporary styles for kitchens are steeped in traditional homes but aren’t as rigid as one might think. The use of glass dining tables and marble countertops are the staples of this kind of interior design for the kitchen. The edges of the countertop are more than likely going to be rounded and smooth, making full use of the surface area for you to work on. Glass cupboards would make the most impact in the entire kitchen because not only is it elegant to be able to see through into what is being stored regarding plates and china sets, but also because the light penetrates through and not reflecting back shiny surfaces. Traditionally the glass would be slightly opaque, and perhaps with a lined pattern, but either is fine so long as the cupboards are painted in a glossy white, neutral color.

It almost sounds counterproductive to try and get chic and contemporary styles to be best friends in the home. The chic side of the interior design wants to jump up and out, be loud and ostentatious. However, the contemporary style is very mature, relaxed and steeped in traditional styles. With a little bit of contrast, you can avoid a clash by giving one style dominance while the other is there to compliment.


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