Is Underfloor Heating Really Child Friendly

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Worried about how underfloor heating will affect your children? Every child deserves to grow-up in a warm and cosy home, something that underfloor heating is ideal to provide. One of the best choices for younger and older children alike, you can ensure a warm and safe environment with an investment in underfloor heating.
We all want what’s best for our children and will do anything we can to make sure that they grow-up in a home that is safe. Choosing Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies is amongst the best decisions you could make for your child’s wellbeing. The ability to control the heat in your home and ensure that it’s warm when it needs to be is an invaluable tool when you have young children running around your home.
However, as a relativity new product when compared to the standard heating that most homes in the UK have, it’s understandable that you want to know a little more about the product before proceeding.
So, what exactly makes Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies a good choice? There is a long list of benefits to upgrading your current heating system to modern underfloor heating. From less maintenance to lowered energy use, there are results that the whole family will feel. However, there are also advantages that make Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies particularly well-suited to children.
The Child-Friendly Benefits of Underfloor Heating
Of the reasons behind choosing underfloor heating as your new system, there are seven benefits in particular that make it a perfect option for children:
  • No High Temperatures- Traditional radiators are a health concern for young children who haven’t yet learnt that you shouldn’t touch them. Underfloor heating eliminates the problem entirely. The whole system is tucked away under the floor, safely away from little hands. Underfloor heating is also temperature regulated, with the surface of your floor not exceeding 29 degrees no matter which flooring you choose.

  • Consistent Heat for Safe Play- The heat produced by underfloor heating is also consistent. Whilst standard radiators expend most of their heat into the immediate area around them, underfloor heating heats the whole room. Many young children love to play on the floor, this regulated temperature means that they won’t get cold as they play, no matter where in a room that they travel.

  • No Risk of Sharp Edges- One of the biggest worries with standard radiators are the sharp edges that are a risk to children. Underfloor heating is virtually invisible, so there is nothing reachable for younger children to get injured on when playing.

  • A Wide Choice of Flooring- Underfloor heating doesn’t mean you must compromise on style, comfort, or ease of cleaning. There are countless flooring types that work perfectly with underfloor heating systems. Vinyl is a particularly good choice; the flooring is incredibly easy to clean, water-resistant, and very good at conducting heat. Carpet is also a possibility, with some of the lower tog carpets still allowing you to feel the benefits of underfloor heating.

  • More Room to Play- Growing children need a lot of room. Removing radiators allows your children to have more room to play, and gives you more room to transform a space. Many of the older radiator models are not the most appealing sights, and can often detract from carefully styled rooms.

  • Reliable Cost-Efficient Heating- There is nothing worse in the dead of winter than the heating breaking down. Underfloor heating is very reliable and cost-effective when compared to standard heating. With rooms requiring less energy to heat, and heating faster, your energy bills will also reap the benefits of a new underfloor heating system.

  • A Better Air Quality- While there have been a lot of concern about air pollutants in cities and large towns throughout the UK, many residents don’t consider the air quality in their own homes. Old heating systems push moisture around a room along with hot air, this can cause damp and mould to form. Underfloor heating offers a cleaner air circulation, helping to create the optimum home environment.
Upgrading your existing heating system to underfloor heating is a big decision, but one that many homeowners are making. As with any major home improvement project, it is definitely worth weighing up the pros and cons before proceeding.

If you are considering making the move and investing in a new heating system, Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies can help. With a vast range of underfloor heating kits and accessories, there are plenty of options available for your home. Visit their website for more details.

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