PARENTING - How to Help the New Mom in Your Life

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If one of your friends or much -loved family members has just joined the new mommy club, and because you know how difficult those first few months can be, you want to do something nice for her, here are a few things you can do to show your support, give her a little treat,and just make what can be a pretty stressful time that bit easier:

Do Some Errands

Perhaps, the best thing you can do for the new mom in your life is run some errands for her. If you’re a mom yourself, you’ll know how little sleep, and how little time you get to yourself in the weeks and months after giving birth, so having someone come in, ask you what you need and then go to the grocery store or clean your kitchen for you is a complete godsend and one of the greatest gifts you can give a friend.

Treat Them

When the baby was born, chances are mom was handed a lot of great gifts, like the ones available at www.for-your-little-one.co.uk, for the baby, but how many gifts did she get for herself? Probably far fewer. Although they don’t mean to, friends and family can all but forget about mom, focusing on the beautiful new bundle of joy in their life. Buck that trend by getting her something nice (scented candles, a good book, perfume etc.) to show her that you’re thinking of her, and give her something nice to enjoy when the sleepless nights are all getting too much.

Arrange a Date

Many new moms don’t get out a lot- they have a brand new baby to look after, after all. However, getting out and letting their hair down for a whole is often exactly what they need at this time. So, call up grandma, hubby or another friend and arrange for them to have the baby while you and mom go out for afternoon tea, hit the spa or have a much-needed night out.

Take the Older Kids Out

If the new mom in your life already has kids, then taking them out and keeping them entertained for the afternoon, even if it’s only a quick trip to the park will really help. A lot of moms worry that their older kids are missing out due to the focus they’re putting on the new baby, so anything you can do to help them out on that score will be much appreciated.

Cook for Her

New moms and dads tend to be sleep deprived and extremely wrapped up in caring for a baby which means that they don’t always take the time to cook healthy nourishing meals, eating on the hoof a lot. They will, then, be overjoyed if you take them a nice casserole, like the ones at http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipes/stew-recipes.aspx and a freshly baked cake once in awhile. If you feed them weekly, they’ll love you forever!

Looking after a new mom is not only a nice thing to do, but it could also strengthen your relationship and ensure that you have a firm friendship that will never be broken, too!


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