Sophisticated Decor Tips For The Discerning Homemaker

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Want to really impress all your visitors and guests by your sophisticated home decor? If so, then you will need all of these amazing tips that are suitable for the most discerning of homemakers!

Go Big With Vases

Vases are a great decorative option for your home. You can buy some that are decorated in some really pretty patterns and colours. Plus, they make it easier to bring beautiful plants and flowers into your house. But getting the right vase for your rooms can really boost the sophistication of the decor. When you are choosing some new ones, always go for large vases. They will look expensive and bring a lot of class into your rooms.

Make Sure Curtains Reach The Floor

Long curtains that reach from the ceiling all the way down to the floor are a lot more stylish than ones that simply match the shape of the window. But there are also added benefits as well. For instance, full-length curtains will help to cut down on draughts coming through the window, so will help improve the insulation of your home.

Add A Drinks Cabinet

Is there anything more sophisticated than drinks cabinets in living rooms?! Your guests will certainly be blown away when you open up yours and show them all the drinks they can choose from in the bar. If you are feeling like pushing the boat out, you might want to look for one for those large antique globes that you can keep your bottles in. Very sophisticated!

Place Side Tables By Chairs And Sofas

It’s important that you make your living room comfortable for guests, and having somewhere close to their seat for their drinks can help with this. After all, no one wants to have to repeatedly get up to reach the coffee table whenever they want to pick up their drink! So, if your coffee table is quite far from a sofa or some armchairs, it’s a good idea to place small side tables near these seats.

Chose Stylish Light Sconces

For a nice touch of sophistication, you should switch your light sconces for some stylish and contemporary ones. These kinds of fitting go out of fashion quite quickly, so it’s always good to stay on the ball and update your light fittings accordingly. If you have a bit of extra cash, why not splurge out on a super classy chandelier?!

Invest In Good Linens And Towels

Nothing screams ‘luxury’ more than top-quality linens and towels. If you have house guests on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to make up the spare beds in some stylish linens so that your visitors are guaranteed to get a good night’s sleep. Quality towels are important as well, and it is very easy to tell the difference between cheap and expensive ones. So, don’t try and pass of bargain towels as deluxe ones because you will be quickly found out!

Hopefully, all of these great little tips will help you add a bit more style and sophistication to your home!

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