A Guide to Correct Hunting Attire

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For the British and indeed European aristocracy, hunting has been enjoyed for centuries, and even today, Lords and Earls will frequently head off for a fox hunt or perhaps a grouse shoot. At the top management level, the gentlemen do ride frequently, and there is a heavy following for both clay pigeon and grouse shooting, in fact, many a large business deal would be cemented over a port or brandy after the shoot. If you are venturing into virgin territory and are to attend one of these functions, there is much to consider, and by far the most important is your attire.

Relaxed Attitudes

While upper class pursuits have always had an air of perfection, modern trends allow for a wide range of styles, and with the emphasis on practicality, style is also varied. Turning up for a shoot in anything other than tweed might have been considered outrageous a century ago. Quality brands, such as Harkila, offer the country gentleman a vast range of quality garments and apparel, and with online solutions, you don’t waste your valuable time driving around tailor shops, looking for one that specialises in country attire.

Layered Clothing

Unless one is lucky enough to be out on a perfect summer day, the cold is most certainly a factor. Winter wear would be best complemented by a thermal vest, as this gives you a barrier against the cold and it will also help your body to retain heat. For those who are not yet familiar with the term “layered clothing”, there are informative articles on the topic, which will enlighten you regarding wearing multiple layers of clothing.


The traditional trousers for the country gent, breeks are both stylish and practical. If you are going to wear leather boots or shooting socks with garters, this will be ideal, as it will allow you freedom of movement, and the garters will ensure you keep the weather at bay. If you would like to browse through some of the online gentlemen’s outfitters, you will find endless styles of breeks, and by opting for the top brand, you might pay a little more, but the garment will last for many years.  If you are planning on making this a regular activity, you might want to invest in 3 different pairs, and this allows you to mix and match with jackets and sweaters.


Safety is a big issue, especially if you are creeping through the bracken with a loaded shotgun, and leather boots that fit perfectly is the ideal solution. Whatever you choose, it is imperative that the sole tread is indeed ample, and with thick socks, the boots should fit like a glove. Steel toecaps are advised, as a falling log could present a nasty problem, and sufficient ankle support is also a must.

There are online suppliers of the very best garments for the British Gentleman who wishes to turn a few heads, while also ensuring weather protection without compromising mobility, and a short time browsing will surely help you to choose your entire outfit, right down to the fine leather gloves.


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