My Travel Essentials For Long Haul Flight With A Toddler

So early part of next year we embark on our first long haul flight to hk...a good 12.5 hours at least. This is something I have been putting off for a while tbh....the thought of all the packing, jet lag and so on would put anyone off. Those who do this trip yearly with a kid will know it ain't no holiday seeing so many family members and a jam packed schedule you actually come back more tired - FACT!

The long haul flight is what I am dreading most because from leaving our home in UK to getting to our HK home its literally 24 hours!!! Its usually tiring travelling with my hubby let alone with a 2 year old now as we enter into the terrible 2s stage.

I have been reading things up and here are my 4 essentials so far.

1. Light stroller for the airport, the lightest possible and something cheap that can be bashed about and you won't be worrying about it. We got our Kite Push Me 2U stroller from Kiddies Kingdom who offer great range of baby travel systems for sale.

2. On the flight Fly-Tot is essential so the little one sleeps like we are in first class! This is essentially a blow up cushion that fits where the leg room usually is so the little one can lie down or stretch her legs out. I have high hopes for this item! Fingers and toes cross she will sleep a good 10 hours since we are on a night flight.

3. Cleva Mama pillow so she's nice and comfy. This is the smallest one we started using which she grew up out and we purchased the next size up. I kept it so we can use it for travels so she's nice and comfy.

4. Lastly for when she's awake KeepEmQuiet travel packs. These bags are full of goodies to keep her entertained and you can pick the one suitable for your little ones age and if you are travelling short, medium or long haul. I just don't have time to go round the shops to buy various bits to put my own pack together so this is really convenient. 

Do you have any long haul travel tips to share with me?


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