Traditional v Contemporary - Which Is Best For Your Conservatory

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These days, conservatories aren't what they used to be. Instead of simply being a glass box added to the rear of a property solely for use on warm days, in the modern era, they are used for a huge variety of purposes. Whether used as a dining room, a study or a children's playroom, it can be difficult to know how to decorate a modern conservatory, and the dilemma of whether to opt for a contemporary rattan direct from the manufacturer or a classic style is one which many homeowners have to deal with.

It's best to choose rattan conservatory furniture which complements your home's overall décor as well as the conservatory's own construction style. For example, if you have furnished the rest of the home in a traditional manner, choosing modern pieces for just one space would look wrong, and vice versa would also hold true.

Luckily, there are plenty of great conservatory furniture styles out there to select from, so you're certain to find furnishings that perfectly complement not only the ambience of your home, but also complements your own tastes.

A Dining Conservatory
One of the most popular uses for conservatories these days is to extend the living area of the property, and this means that homeowners can have the freedom to choose any style of furniture they wish. While home offices and additional family rooms are common ways of using a conservatory, turning it into an attractive dining area is also extremely popular.

If this idea appeals to you, you could opt for traditional wooden chairs with a matching table, or perhaps a more modern piece in glass, since either works well in the airy and open space of a conservatory. However, if you have a more traditionally designed conservatory, classic pieces would be the ideal complement, whereas in a lighter and more contemporary room, something a little more modern would work best.

The perfect compromise between modern and classic looks is a rattan dining set which helps to ease the transition from house to garden.

Additional Family Space
Many people like to use their conservatory as an additional family room, and if this is the case, you might prefer to steer clear of traditional, heavy lounge furnishings. For example, a 3 piece leather suite would usually look inappropriate in a garden room, and the classic sizes and shapes could easily swamp the small space.

However, if you still want the comfortable seating arrangement of proper armchairs with a matching sofa, the stylish appearance of a rattan suite is perfect for you. Durable, yet incredibly elegant, a rattan set can rival any traditional lounge suite in terms of comfort, however are more suitable for the informal conservatory space.

Simple to maintain, rattan furnishings can be found in both dining and lounge ranges, and can easily be combined for the ideal appearance. Whether you need a simple two seater sofa paired with a coffee table, or larger corner set with complementary footstool, there are options to suit, and in a range of colours to match the existing décor.

Other Furniture Options
While wicker is a traditional furnishing option for a conservatory, it is best suited to conservatories which are used for their traditional purpose since wicker is not really suited to every day use. However, when only used occasionally, it is an ideal option for garden rooms since it doesn't deteriorate or fade in strong sunlight. Wicker is also a wonderful choice for Victorian styled rooms, and looks beautiful with traditional pastel shades and tiling.

Alternatively, if a very contemporary look would suit your tastes best, a minimalist approach in pure white is certainly eye catching. A modern white side table can easily be paired with pale coloured furniture and plenty of glass detailing and accessories for a room that works seamlessly in any modern home.

Overall, choosing furniture for a conservatory must depend not solely on the personal tastes of the homeowner, but also on the entire property's style. So long as any furniture items chosen look appropriate when compared to the rest of the house, both modern and classic designs look impressive and will make the conservatory an inviting and welcoming space where your family will love to relax and enjoy time together. Whether you use the room for dining, playing, resting or working, you'll discover that stylish furniture is simple to find.


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