Tuff Tray Activities For A Toddler (Part 2)

I get so many comments and questions on my Instagram stories on the activities we do each week, so I thought it would be easier to just put them all in a blog post.

Top left - corn flour and water very simple and something we all have at home. You just mix water into the corn flour gradually until its gloopy consistency. I highly recommend this as a starter activity if you are new to all this. Very easy and not messy on the tray.

Top right / bottom left - shaving gel (it was suppose to foam but hubby brought the wrong stuff) so 1 pot I added a bit of food colouring and pasta. Second pot I added lentils and final pot was just yellow food colouring.

Bottom right - cheap rice from lidl, again everything stays on the tray so don't worry about the mess.

Basic tools for messy play:
I am a huge fan of pre loved / second hand simply because kids grow up so quickly and they also get bored so quickly. I picked up this huge bundle pre-loved for £8 and soaked it all in Milton to sterilise and laid it all out to dry and packed in IKEA bags. This set has everything we need for messy play of any sorts, so I am really pleased with this purchased. It's definitely worth keeping an eye out online for a bargin!


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