5 Signs Of Plumbing System Problem At Home

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Most homeowners are reluctant to tackle any plumbing issue, and for good reason, as water can quickly envelope the house if something goes wrong, but with a little knowledge and the right tools and materials, most plumbing repairs can be carried out by a DIY enthusiast. Of course, one needs to know that something is wrong and this is not always apparent, and with that in mind, here are some sure-fire signs that your plumbing is in need of attention.

  1. Dirty Water – If your tap water is dirty or even a little discoloured, it is more than likely due to pipe or joint corrosion, and if you are thinking of tackling the job yourself, online companies like Trading Depot has a selection of plumbing supply on offer, and at trade prices, you will likely save a fortune on labour and call out charges. Discoloured water is also a health risk, therefore the problem needs to be remedied as soon as possible, and, of course, you should avoid using this water until it is clean.

  1. Low Water Pressure – The major symptom of a water leak, low pressure means water is escaping somewhere along the line, and the lower the pressure, the larger the leak. It could be that the leak is underground in the garden or under the driveway, and the best way to check is to turn off all the faucets and any appliances that use water, then check the meter reading, and after a coffee and a rest, check the meter one more time. The readings should be identical, and if they are not, you have all the confirmation you need that your plumbing system has a leak.

  1. Noisy Faucets or Pipes – The plumbing system in your home is always under pressure, otherwise it would not manage to reach the upstairs bathroom, and if air becomes trapped inside, this causes a shuddering. The noise can be a screeching sound, and should you hear strange noises, see what happens when you turn the faucet on and off, as it should make an instant difference. There is an informative article online on how to fix noisy water pipes, which examines a number of possible causes.

  1. Slow Water Drainage – Plumbing also consists of wastewater management, and of your kitchen sink seems to take ages to drain away, it is likely you have a partial blockage and unless it is addressed quickly, it can soon become a total blockage, which is much harder to deal with. There are a number of chemical products that claim to unblock drains, but some baking soda and a hot water flush might do the trick, and failing that, you can purchase flexible drain rods from an online building materials supplier.

  1. Damp Patches – If you happen to notice a damp patch on a wall or ceiling, this is an indication of a leak, and it is wise to fix it as soon as possible, as dampness is quickly followed by fungus and mould, which you definitely do not want.

One should always be vigilant at home, regularly checking for all of the above signs, and in the event you do encounter a problem, speedy repairs are recommended, otherwise the problem will soon accelerate.

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