How to Keep the Kids Entertained at the Weekend

If you have kids then you will understand how hard it can be to keep them entertained at the weekend. You will also know that when they’re stuck in the house, they get even more irritable and if the weather is awful or if your car is in the garage for its MOT then you can’t really take them anywhere. Thankfully, there are plenty of things that you can do to keep your kids occupied in the comfort of your own home.
Movie Day
Why not arrange a movie day? Choose from a couple of top films, get some microwavable popcorn and put your feet up. This is one of the best ways for you to spend some quality time with all of the kids and you can even take votes on what film to watch as well. Of course, you can try and make some cupcakes or even some cookies beforehand for snacks and this is a great way for you to get the kids involved with baking as well.

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Create a Show!
Another thing that you can do is encourage your kids to put on a magic show. You can even use props from around the house as well. You could have your own fashion show or you could even create a movie scene with the kids. Either way, if you want to really make this entertaining then you can film the whole thing and watch it back on the TV when you’re done.
Download some Entertaining Apps
If you have a phone, why not download some apps? A safe app for children’s entertainment purposes can really keep your kids occupied for hours and this is the best way for you to really keep them entertained while you get on with some of the jobs around the house or anything else that needs doing.
Build a Den
If the weather is great then why not build a den? If the weather is poor then you can easily do this inside. Consider using some cardboard boxes and some sofa cushions. If you have a projector or even a small TV that can be moved then you can easily move the whole movie night plan into the comfort of your own den. All you have to do here is use your imagination and you’ll be sure to create something wonderful.

Treasure Hunt!
Another great idea is for you to organise a treasure hunt around the house. Think about having clues, treats and more for your children. You can even have a sack race if it is good weather outside and if you have a tent, why not make the whole thing into a camping trip? You don’t need to pack or even prepare and the main reason for this is because you will only be a couple of meters away from your house, so if you need anything then you are not far away at all.

Indoor Skiing
With it being Christmas and everyone is feeling rather festive, have you ever thought of Indoor Skiing? There is plenty to keep everyone busy, whether you are looking to having fun on the snow, shop active wear or learn how to skip there is something for everyone at Chill Factor.
All in all, keeping the kids entertained has never been easier and when you do follow the above tips, you can be sure to have the whole weekend planned out!


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