PARENTING - Bedding You Need With A Toddler B-Sensible

Soon as the little one came along EVERYTHING changes and I am always so up for paying for convenience...basically anything to make my life just a tad easier. I work long hours full time whilst juggling childcare and keeping the home running. Living in an apartment and washing so many sheets is a right pain in the ass until I discovered B-Sensible which is a 2 in 1 fitted sheet and mattress protector which means I wash 1 less sheet for every bed in our apartment. We use to have a mattress protector then sheets on top which means there is a lot to wash...now it's just the 1 sheet for every bed and they go in the tumble dryer! yay! 
The sheets are made from eucalyptus, a soft breathable and 100% textile and the fabric is designed for us all year round so no need to switch over between summer / winter months which is great as bed sheets take up so much room in our wardrobes. It's also hypoallergenic, perfect for my girl who suffers eczema and it's recommended for sensitive skin and the fabric is also door -reducing for that freshness feels. Most importantly it's dust mite proof! 
The bedsheets are available in all sizes from single to double UK/EU size and for the little ones cot along with pillow cases which are fab for keeping everything clean as possible. There are also plenty of colours available to keep with any colour theme you have. I would highly recommend picking one up for the kids, if ever the little one is sick clearing up is a lot easier as nothing soaks through and it's just the 1 sheet you are cleaning. You can purchase easily from their website (30 day no hassle return policy) or amazon.


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