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The key to looking good, at any time of the year, is getting the basics right. If you buy the right fashion staples you have the foundation that you need to put be able to put together interesting and stylish outfits. 
When you are ready to buy your warm winter staples this season, take a look online. It is a great way to shop around and find good quality clothes for a fair price.
Here is a roundup of the must have items, along with a few suggestions about which of this year’s styles are likely to work best.
The right footwear
A good pair of boots is definitely a winter essential. Without them keeping your feet warm and dry is all but impossible.
This year, most stores are stocking mostly mid-calf boots. The nice thing about this year´s long boot is that many of them feature elasticised panels. That means that they are really comfortable to wear and that it is easier for people with larger calves to find a pair of longer boots that will fit them.
A good coat
In the colder months, a good coat is definitely an essential. Whether you buy a long or a short one is very much up to you. Of course, longer coats are warmer, but they are bulky and not really comfortable to wear while enjoying most outdoor activities.
If you do want to buy a long coat the trench coat is a good choice. It is classically cut, so looks good with most styles of clothes. If you want a shorter coat, a parka can be a great choice. There are some really smart ones in the stores, this year. So, they can work just as well for someone who works in an office as they do for people who mostly want to wear them casually.
For casual pastimes, biker style jackets are ideal. They look good even when worn over a thick jumper.
Given the fact that coats are expensive items, it is especially important to buy one that will definitely keep you warm enough. This simple guide explains exactly how to do that, so it really is worth your taking a few minutes to read it.
Practical scarves and gloves
If you want to stand any chance of staying warm enough you need to invest in a proper hat, a scarf and some gloves. It is a good idea to buy the type of gloves that allow you to continue to use your touch devices. A scarf that is wide enough to be used as a shawl will enable you to take the coat off on warmer days and just use the shawl. 
Clothes that easily be layered
Dressing in layers is the best way to stay warm. That means planning your wardrobe so that you have tops and jumpers that you can wear over each other. It is also worth buying some vests and maybe tights. These are great for really cold days. You will be much warmer if you wear tights under your jeans or trousers and vests that you can put on under your shirt or tops.


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