TRAVEL - Never Get Bored On Your Trans-Siberian Railway Trip

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You can get started on a really nice trip across Russia when you take the train that traverses the Trans-Siberian railway, the second longest railway line in the world next to the Yiwu-Madrid railway line. Your Trans-Siberian train can get you and your friends to all interesting places and probably once-in-a-lifetime experiences in the region. Don’t forget to bring your cameras with you as you explore. You and your friends would want to take group photos as remembrance.

The Ocean

You start on the ocean when you book your Trans Siberian railway trip. There are a lot of people who have not seen the Pacific Ocean on this side of the world. Stop, take in the view, check it out or even go out on a boat when you get there.

The Mountains

Make a stop and hang out in the mountains. Try to hike through these places. Check out all the different things that linger in these snowy mountains. These are the sort of places development hasn’t reached and you probably will never get to see again. Try spending some time hiking before you get back on the train with your friends.

The Cities

You have to stop in every city and take a tour. There are a lot of different places waiting for you to explore around the railway that will be nice to hang out in for a day. Talk to the people and don’t forget to munch on their delicacies.


You have to take that stop in Moscow. You could spend days there and just enjoy the whole city before you get back on the train. You should try this city out because it is one of the most amazing in the world. You will be pretty amazed at what the people on the train will enjoy before you head to St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg

You will finish your trip in St. Petersburg, the very big Russian port city on the Baltic Sea. Its winter palace is a must-see, and several parts of the city will make you realize that you are living among history.

Russia is huge and what could take months exploring can be complete in just days through the Trans-Siberan railway. You probably had no idea you could do all these things by just getting on the train and take the whole trip. Of course, you can make changes in your itinerary. You will not be bored, and you will travel all the way across Russia to have the time of your life on the train.


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