Garden Design Trends You Can Expect to See in 2018

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I am not much of a garden person myself and living in an apartment we just have a reasonable sized balcony which I keep minimal. I've tried growing the odd chilli plant but everything ends up dying eventually so I have given up and prefer to keep it plant free these days. Having said that as I am getting older I am showing more of an appreciation in flowers and the so called "balcony living" is set to be big this years. So we are talking about looking for planters that slot onto balcony rails and there are even ones for you to grow seeds / veg on the balcony! I may give it a try and turn it into something fun and educational.

Who would have thought "Instagrammable" is a thing for gardens....seems everyone is catching on with the whole social media and Instagrammable garden is actually a thing these days!
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Mini food garden and micro farming being able to indoor grow everything with LED lights and miniature greenhouse gardens with LED lights is a thing. These are "grow kits" or "grow lights" being sold in the shops, give it a google if its of interest.

Space is a premium these days especially if you live in London and with house prices on the rise and the key to these smaller spaces is multipurpose uses. Everything in a small garden needs to have more than one purpose like a curb edge of the deck that is also a planter which also collects water from downspouts on the house. Rattan Direct have created an article which shares with you  the complete Garden Trends you can expect to see in 2018.
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Have you got any plans for your garden this year and are any of them mentioned in the article?


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