PARENTING - What I Feed My Toddler (Part 8)

Here is the next What I feed my toddler Part 8.
Top left chicken and mushroom with Japanese seasoning for the rice and some iceberg lettuce.
Top right avocado sushi with some steamed dumplings.
Bottom left boiled egg, soft cheese on toast, mushroom and some yellow peppers.
Bottom right chicken, potato and carrots in oyster sauce and some seasoned rice balls.

What I Feed My Toddler Part 5

In other news, living in an apartment means I don't have space for unnecessary things and this applies to every room in the apartment, even more so now with a toddler. There are so many gadgets to help make your life easier from slow cooker to something that I have just discovered called a microwave oven! I have never heard of such thing until now but to a mum that sounds blooming amazing.

These combination microwaves can offer a selection of the following: microwave of course, oven, turbo steam, slow cook and even grill. I can see these being popular in Asia where space is limited and one of these combination microwaves can offer everything.

The cooking options are endless, you can create dinners that you would think was never possible from glazed belly pork to scallops baked in shell and even a Sunday roast of the family. The cooking options are endless in the convenience of your own kitchen big or small.
Do any of you have one of these and anyone interested in trying? ME!!!!


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