5 Things to look for when hiring a moving service

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At some point, you've had to move houses or your business premises and we understand how moving is time-consuming, expensive and taxing. Moving companies are expected to make the job easier, run smoother and be less exhausting. However, making the wrong choice in a moving service makes things go south rather fast.

Often we make misguided decisions with the aim of using shortcuts to save time, or save money or obtaining incorrect advice.

Below are the five things to look for when engaging a moving service.

1. Exhaustively research on the company

Many a time we are advised that we ought to solicit recommendations from family or friends with prior experience of engaging a moving service. Sadly, this choice is as bad shutting your eyes and hand-picking a number from the directory because we have a propensity to trust instead of verifying such endorsements. If you choose to see through on a proposition, do due diligence on the company.

2. Obtain written estimates of all your bids

Let's assume you've contacted three moving firms in your area and each pledge to drop you an estimate by email or phone. Ensure all the proposals come with a comprehensive estimate with all parameters filled out as per your conversation. To give a precise estimate, you must furnish the moving service with all the necessary particulars of your move.

3. Engage a certified or licensed moving company

It's okay to have your brother-in-law or cousin bring their truck to help you move down the road or across the street. You are answerable for the welfare and health of your friends and family who lend a hand for the move.

Any time you consider hiring a moving service, ensure they're bonded, insured and licensed as is the case of Q-Shark that operates in the Los Angeles area.

4. Interstate moving firms should have genuine credentials  

Pay extra attention when dealing with state-to-state moving companies. Interstate moving firms should bear the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration license. You can access a company's license information online. Request the salesperson to fill out documentation of their company's credentials.

5. Check up a company's service records with the Better Business Bureau

No matter how heartening the salesperson is when offering a quote, we strongly suggest that you take a bit of your time to research on the company's customer service history. Look up the internet for customer complaints, citations and customer ratings.
Does the firm have a patchy record in matters pertaining handling client grievances?
Take time to grasp your customer privileges when dealing with relocation matters entirely. Moving is tedious enough add the issue of settling for the wrong movers for the job and things get thick. Fortunately, it isn't difficult to assess companies and make informed decisions based on your needs.


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