5 Tips to choosing a new perfume

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Picking out a fragrance that reflects your personal style and compliments your natural scent can be exhilarating and overwhelming in equal measures. While wearing a perfume is not mandatory, most people recognize the fact that it is a unique detail to add to their attire. A great scent will leave a positive impression on the people that you interact with on a daily basis.
Going into the fragrance section of a store and coming out with the perfect new perfume is a wonderful feeling. After all, you will somehow have to dodge the plethora of employees armed with testers and testing strips. But the major challenge is still lying ahead.
It is likely that you will not be able to smell more than five perfumes without getting a sensory overload. So before going to a store to shop for your new scent, it is important to do some research and arm yourself with adequate knowledge. Here are 5 tips to guide you when choosing a new perfume:

Go for Pheromone Perfume
The body naturally secretes pheromones when you happen to see someone who you are attracted to. Experts state that they act as messengers that permeate the subconscious of anyone you find attractive to let them know that you might be the one.
As women grow older, the body’s production of these pheromones reduces significantly. The high-quality kind of pheromone perfume for women helps to replace the ones that the body has lost. It ultimately boosts your confidence while going about your daily duties.

Keep it in the Family
It is likely that all the perfumes that you own have a common distinct scent that compliments your natural scent. Normally, people tend to lean toward scents that have a predominant characteristic that classifies them in different fragrance families. The main types of these families include oriental, floral, marine, citrus and spicy scents among others.
While looking for a new perfume, ensure that you stay within your fragrance family while exploring the diverse range of notes within the family.

Shop in the Morning
Experts state that your sense of smell is usually at its peak in the morning. Take one weekend off and wake up early to shop for your new perfume. This will optimize your experience by ensuring that you go in before your sensory nerves are infiltrated by the diverse smells that you encounter on a day-to-day basis. And if you’re stressed, take advantage of that and go for some retail therapy. Anxiety heightens your sense of smell according to olfactory experts.

Test the Merchandise
Ensure that you go into a store that provides testing facilities and take-away samples. In order to get the best results, you need to test the perfume on your skin to determine if it fits in with your body chemistry. You will also get to have a feel of the scent’s underlying notes, which is the essence of the perfume. With the takeaway samples, make sure that you stay away from other scents like lotions that can alter the smell of the perfume. Use your initial reaction to select your new perfume.

Go for Smaller Brands
Smaller brands are likely to have a distinct smell and use natural products as well. It is best to look out for a product that is from a perfumer rather than a designer brand. Perfumers solely specialize in producing perfumes and that is the benchmark for a unique and high-quality product. Do not let these celebrity-endorsed products dissuade you! Instead, stick to the smaller brands that focus on producing the best products in the market.


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