5 Ways To Stay Warm This Winter On A Tight Budget

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With the current snow storm in the UK and it's freezing, I am having to turn the heating on more in my apartment it's got me thinking how I can keep warm but reducing the cost of electricity. It seems there are little things you can do which actually help a great deal. My flat is generally very warm with an apartment above, below and either side so it's vary rare we feel the cold but with current temperatures as low as -4 it does feel a little colder than usual.

Here are the simple things that we are doing to stay warm.

1. Hot water bottle
Simple yet effective in staying warm and cost very little to boil and kettle of water to fill up. You can pick these up super cheap everywhere, Amazon stock theirs for under £10 with a cozy fleece cover.

2. Electric Blanket
You can use this during the night instead of upping the frequency of turning your entire central heating on more often / longer periods. I have read it costs a little as 8-9p a night to run and you can pick on up for less than £20 from B&Q.

3. Food
Eat regularly particularly hot food and it warms your body up instantly. Food such as chilli, onion and porridge warms up your body instantly.

4. Curtains & Blinds
By keeping your curtains shut you can keeping the heat inside so if you are work all day anyway just leave them shut all day long. With the winter months it's dark anyway by the time you get home from work so it makes no difference. If you have budget and you are thinking of investing in the long term then you can invest in Duette Thermal Blinds for the longer term investment. The hexagonal structure of the fabric itself traps air passing through to help maintain comfortable temperature by reducing the heat in the summer and the cold air in the winter. What's great is they are suitable for any room in the home so you are not restricted so in an apartment for myself they are ideal for the entire place.

5. Clothes
Lastly stating the obvious wrap up warm so layer on the clothing to keep warm. Often thinner layers work better and at least 3 layers.


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