How To Design A Garden Plan

As we get close to summer a lot of you will be thinking about BBQ and spending time in the garden with the family and hosting dinner party's. Majority of people will just give the garden a quick tidy up and planting in a few fresh flowers in ready for the blooming season whilst others might be thinking about completely re-designing their garden.

If you are actually thinking about re-designing your garden before you actually start doing all the planting you need to start by using graph paper and drawing a plan of your garden site to scale. Then plot every feature you find on our site and get a measuring tape to get approximate measurements and not forgetting to indicate areas of sun and shade.

Once you have completed this you are ready to move forward and add in all the elements for your garden plan and this is the fun part!
  • Look at your current plan so you can carefully decide which features you would like to incorporate into your final plan, which ones you would like to remove or downplay then finally which ones you would like to hi-light.
  • Mood boards / pinterest are great for inspiration so you can prepare your assets, limitations and main goals. I find pinterest great for searching things like creating a garden on a budget / creating a garden with very little space etc...it's all there!!!
  • You can also place a piece of tracing paper over your plan and sketch in or leave out various features and see how it looks, basically play around with it.
  • More often than not you are on a budget so with your sketch you can decide which parts you can do yourself and which parts to get someone in to do it for you. Its much easier to break big projects down into manageable pieces and work your way through doing one part at a time.

If you think of the garden having 4 different elements you can tackle it in the following order:

  • Floor - paving materials, grass, foundations of the ground and soil
  • Walls - this includes hedges, shrubs and fences
  • Ceiling - can certainly be open sky but may also involve an umbrella, overarching tree, cloak of plants and large shrub branches etc..
  • Furniture - this is the fun part of buying table and chairs, benches, day beds and rattan furniture from places like Fishpools.
What ever you decide to do it's worth keeping in mind the upkeep of the garden. A lot of people get it done up but simply don't have the time to maintain it especially families like myself with children we want low maintenance, tidy and child friendly. I hope this has given you a rough idea on where to start if you are trying to design your very own garden plan!


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