How To Maximize Space In A Small Bathroom

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Living in an apartment space is everything and the key is to maximize the space you have and creating a feeling of space when you don't actually have much. It can feel like small bathrooms are difficult to tackle however there are things you can do which easily make it work.

This can be difficult however floating shelves are a great way to add storage and it looks stylish. You ca pick up a few cheap shelves from Ikea / Argos at a really low price these days. I love The idea of storage ladders and they are great for adding additional storage like glass containers for things like cotton buds / cotton wools. The ladders can also show case personality for all the beauty things you love. Hidden storage is great to put away all the things you do not want people to see such as cleaning products and those marigolds!

This is the key for small bathrooms because over a period of time you can build up clutter. I am talking about products you haven't touched for ages and collecting dust. De-clutter once every 6 months and you would be surprised at the amount of crap you have collecting / purchased and only used a few times and you haven't touched it since. When you lack space don't go adding products / objects that don't serve a purpose. Wicker baskets are great in the bathroom for putting dirty laundry.

As a general rule neutral colours, fresh coat of paint is always aesthetically pleasing to the eye and gives a feeling of space. Plan your colour pallet is probably the first step you should do then the rest of the things you buy will be around your colour pallet to ensure everything is colour co-ordinated. By using patterns and textures with neutral tones can create depth which is what you want and it's obvious the colour white you automatically think clean. Don't be afraid to add the odd pop of colour, this can be from rug to your robes or even your bath towel.

Bathroom Suite
When shopping around for a bathroom suite there are so many options available what ever your bathroom size it can seem daunting. I think the key thing to begin with is to set your budget what you can actually realistically afford. Then start pinning online on the type of styles you like for example walk-in bath, roll bath or even an L shaped bath there are so many styles. Once you have an idea on the style then the fun begins where you actually pop into all the showrooms and look online for the best price. Lastly don't be afraid to get the family involved if you are struggle to decide between this one or that one.


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