London Hair Removal: The Ultimate Guide!

Unwanted hair is quite the hassle. For a lot of us, it can be a barrier to looking good and feeling confident in our own skin, the things that are portrayed in the media as important topics we must address. It’s a given that some individuals may feel confident however they look, but for a huge proportion of us, it can be a daily challenge to feel happy about our looks, or a downright pain to shave, wax and pluck those pesky areas.
No matter how many times you remove that unwanted hair, by the following day, it’s back with a vengeance, frustrating us even more! However, all is not lost, and you can most definitely get your sanity back. Ever considered London Hair Removal? As scary and as painful as it may sound, it’s actually none of these things. When carried out by a professional hair removal company, Laser Therapists get rid of the hair, so you can get your confidence back. I share with you the ultimate guide to Laser Hair Removal and what you can expect.

Where do I start?
Before you get too excited and book your appointment at your nearest clinic, you need to know the facts about Hair Removal in London, the capital of looking good! London is home to some of the top clinics and therapists in the UK, so getting booked in at a top laser hair removal clinic is important. You wouldn’t go for surgery or to a dentist that wasn’t a professional practice, so don’t do it for London Hair Removal! You want to feel more satisfied about your post-hair removal, so make sure the clinic you choose is reliable, trusted and specialised.

How does Laser Hair Removal work?
Laser Hair Removal works through a relatively simple process. You attend your pre-booked appointment, ensuring the hair you want removed in an area is just visible above the surface. Laser Therapists will be able to get the best results from hair that is actively growing. If the hair is too long, the laser will just target the hair that is already there instead of below the surface; it wouldn’t make any more difference than shaving the area! When the hair is targeted, the heat from the laser is absorbed by melanin; the pigment that gives the hair its particular colour. The rest of the hair is heated which weakens or completely destroys the hair follicle, detaching the hair entirely.
When opting for Hair Removal in London, a professional will always run through what to expect, putting your mind at rest. The process is quick, simple and is even doable in your lunch hour!

What are the benefits of Laser Hair Removal London?
You may have been given all the horror stories from people who claim to know all there is to know about Laser Hair Removal, but chances are they aren’t entirely truthful. Who’d have known hair removal would be pain free? You wouldn’t have imagined it, but London Hair Removal company, Courthouse Clinics are completely honest when it comes to what to expect and the benefits definitely outweigh the myths! Having a Hair Removal treatment has a whole host of benefits apart from the obvious hair-free feel most of us long for.

·    Long-lasting: Laser Hair Removal ensures that you’ll get the glamourous feeling of being hair-free for long periods of time.
·An accurate procedure: With technology getting more advanced every day, we’re able to put more faith into different techniques. Laser Hair removal is totally accurate and can target a specific hair on your body for superior results.
·People with certain careers can also benefit from Hair Removal for obvious reasons, such as life guards, catering staff and the military.
·For a common problem that may be embarrassing or inconvenient to a person, having Hair Removal can be a very cost-effective procedure.
·It’s a quick treatment: It can take as little as 45 minutes to have the procedure!

      What else should I know?
Almost all areas of your body can be lasered, so if you’re wondering whether your troublesome area is treatable, you’re in luck; it probably is. It’s possible to have Laser Hair Removal on a range of areas from head to toe, quite literally! However, because the laser can only target hairs in their growth phase, it may be necessary to have multiple treatments until all the hair is removed. This does depend on many factors though, including your skin type and colour, as well as skin sensitivity.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and make the change to hair-free, choose a professional clinic you can trust. Courthouse Clinics are the UK’s number one for Doctor-led cosmetic treatments in London and beyond. They specialise in a number of treatments from Laser Hair Removal to Anti-Ageing Injections.


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