PARENTING - School's Back & So Are You

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When you have a young family, you spend their first few baby and toddler years in a cycle of changing diapers, washing baby clothes and teaching them how to walk and talk. Sometimes, you work alongside raising your children, but other times there’s no need because one income is all your family needs to survive. You may feel frazzled some days and some days you may have been climbed on and needed so much that you get ‘touched out’, where you want to just sit in silence with no one climbing on you for five minutes!
As much as these early years are stressful and can make you feel overwhelmed and like it’ll never end, it eventually does. The kids get that little bit older and head off to various schools and childcare and what are you left with? An empty house and wishing for the noise and cuddles to be there all the time again. So, it’s in your best interest to fill your time while the children are at school. There is only so much housework you can get done in six hours of the day, so check out the list of ideas below to make your experience of having school-aged children a fulfilling one.

Study. Spending time on your own can really make you think about whether you want to continue on in the career that you are in or whether you want to learn something new so that you can do something else for yourself when the kids are a little older. You can go online and find business management courses as distance learning has now become a popular way for parents to learn. You can still do the school runs and manage your house around your work, which allows you to have everything that you want.

Work Out. A popular way to spend your time when the children are at school is working on yourself. When you have children, you end up in a cycle of wearing the same ‘uniform’ of plain clothes that are comfortable. The baby weight doesn’t lose itself, and if you have the time to go back to the gym and work on your eating, you can easily get yourself back to the shape you’ve always wanted to be in.

Socialise. Being able to get back to the swing of seeing friends isn’t easy after children but having your older children in school makes it better. You can bring babies to a baby club and get to know new mothers and expand your social circle in the time that you have before school pick up roll around.

Sometimes being a parent is lonely but getting back some of your freedom after the children grow up a little can give you a new lease on life. Take your time back and remember that you were a person before you were a parent. It’s the best way to remind yourself that you can have what you want in your life.


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