Simple Vehicle Checks Saves Lives

We drive daily without really thinking it's actually a dangerous activity and road traffic accidents account for 1.24 million deaths globally a year. It's not always down to poor driving, there are other factors such as mechanical failure, poor vehicle maintenance including tyres or even poor road conditions. We can actually carry our regular checks ourselves to reduces the chances of an accident or breakdown.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure you are doing everything you can to ensure your family's safety.

1. We actually do a few visual tests without even realising when we get in our cars. Eg: there is petrol, mirrors are all there and seat belts on and a general look around.

2. In between servicing your car you should check monthly the windscreen wiper is ok, battery, tyres and fluid levels such as brakes, clutch and engine oil.

3. In the even of a break down you should have the following items in your boot - flashlight, jack, warning triangles, first aid kit, spare fuses and high visibility clothing.

4. I have actually never thought of this one but keeping your car clean is just as important. Keeping it clean and tidy on the inside actually allows you to spot new issues such as any damage, leaks and warn parts.

5. Every time you get into your car it's worth walking around it doing a visual inspection just for anything that looks different. Especially when you have been parking out in public.

I know we are all busy and often forget things and even more so if you have a family. For those of you who are stuck in a busy routine you must remember to book your yearly MOT. This can be done easily online, you can book your MOT online in Wakefield from Ossett Tyre website

Just remember inspecting your vehicle should be part of your daily routine and it could save your life and lives of others. Go the extra mile with your daily safety checks and you'll continue to go for many more miles!


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