5 Holiday Travel Tips For Travelling With Seniors

The holiday season is about to start and for most it will consists of some sort of travel. Here are the top 5 holiday tips for travelling with seniors to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Visiting Your Doctor
This is one of the most important tips to follow as your doctor will be able to "check you are fit for travelling and recommend the vaccines required if you are going abroad. You maybe on a lot of medication so carrying extra prescription medicine with you will be essential. If you are given any new prescription make sure there are no side effects, last thing you want when you are trying to enjoy the time with your family.

Save all those samples and travel sized beauty items to use on holiday to reduce luggage. If you are travelling with a young family also its worth calling where you are staying to see what they can provide to stop you packing everything with you. If you have family members who are in a wheel chair consider electric folding wheelchairs like Fenetic Wellbeing for convenience especially on holiday. They are compact, space saving and portable which makes it easier for yourself and your family. These motorized wheelchairs are propelled by an electric motor and they are perfect for covering distances and they dismantle easily to store in the boot of a car.

Travel costs / Accommodation
Create a budget and stick to it and do your research to suit the needs of your family online. I always find instagram great for reviews and I am in favour of using this method over trip advisor sometimes. When you are travelling as a family with elderly budgets can go out of the window easily. Eg: decided on how many meals out and how many you are cooking in your accommodation as 1 meal extra out with a bigger family will simply blow your budget. Plan ahead which tourist places you are visiting and see if there are discounts for groups / booking in advance to save.

Check The Weather
Having a rough idea of what the weather will be like when you arrive will help you all pack appropriately. Don't forget having bad weather can also give you other difficulties such as missed flights due to traffic jams or flight cancelled due to heavy snow. What ever you do it's best to plan ahead and pack for all occasions especially travelling with young children / elderly.

Make sure you are well covered in your travel insurance and maximum coverage depending on the location you are travelling to.

This post was written in collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing (#FoldAndGo campaign) for those families going on holiday with the elderly.


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