PREGNANCY - Stem cell storage - what you need to know

Wow my pregnancy feels like such a long time ago and I really do miss the bump, as pregnancy was relatively easy and very enjoyable for me. During my pregnancy I never heard about stem cell storage and it's something we all should be considering as stem cells can be used for treatment of certain illnesses. This is because they are special cells that can be turned into different types of blood cells. Currently the stem cells can be used to treat conditions like lymphoma / leukaemia and scientists hope to be able to use stem cells for even more treatments in the future.
SmartCells is one company that offers a stem cell storage service to parents. When you give birth they collect stem cells from your baby's umbilical cord, then it will store the babys cord blood and cord tissue stem cells for you for when they might be needed in the future. If you are pregnant and you wish to find out more you can visit - www.smartcells.com Stem cell therapy is currently being used to successfully treat more than 80 diseases and the field is slowly evolving backed by clinical trials and extensive research. If I had known such thing existed I would have most definitely researched into it more myself. If you are pregnancy is this something you would like to consider?


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