What To Do When Facing Redundancy

We all hate the word Redundancy and it ranks as one of the most stressful of life experiences for many people. However in the process of leaving its vital that you protect your interests. I have put together a few pointers that will help you practically and emotionally to ensure you are in good shape and ready for the challenges ahead.

Don't Panic
Soon as you hear the word "redundancy" you panic and rush into a flurry of activity. Firstly make a list of all the things you need to arrange in the months ahead and simply list them in priority order. This will make you think straight and plan ahead.

Know Your Rights
More often than not we don't really know much and it's not until now you actually start googling. Check our the ACAS website for information on your rights and don't expect what you are told is always correct. You can confide speaking to an employment lawyer if you sense that the redundancy may not have followed the correct process and obtain a copy of the "in-house redundancy policy" so you can check out the exit terms and notice periods in your contract.

Never ever be afraid to bargain to ask for more than your employer is initially prepared to give. It goes by the old saying "don't ask don't get". This might include an enhanced sum, keeping the company car or even support for re-training and you might be surprised by their response. 

Don't Take It Personally
It's so hard not t take it personally and feel aggrieved by the decision or process leading u to it. If you do decide to challenge the redundancy you must focus of facts & policies and not personalities and this goes for the same when talking to prospective employers about your redundancy. Maintaining good relations where possible is just as important and you need to be building bridges not burn them! Don't forget you still need a reference for your next job. 

Plan Your Finances 
Work our your financial situation so you have a realistic picture of your cash flow and finances. It maybe considering a small loan could be worth while to get you through until you secure employment if you feel you are going to struggle. It's also worth contacting your local Jobcentre Plus to find out if you are entitled to any financial help.  

Thinking Positive 
This could be just what you actually needed to move your career forward, you have been in your job way too long and got too comfy. It can be traumatic at the time but you could be thinking back in 6 months it was the best thing that's happened to you. Use this time to think carefully about what you really want and just go for it!

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