5 Ways To Saving Money On Beauty Products

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1. Use What You Already Have
I am very guilty of this as I often buy in bulk when things are on sale and I literally shove them in my draw and forget. Or I have started to use something, I get a new product and try that then I often forget to go back to opened products. So the key here is to use up what you already have rather than constantly buying new things to try. Check your current stash and make a note of what you have already in the draws.

2. Downgrade To Less Expensive Brands
Look through what you use religiously daily and see what you items you can downgrade. For example some people always use salon quality branded shampoo when in reality you can downgrade and buy cheaper. Do your research online for dupes.

3. Combine Coupon With Sales
I buy a lot of items in the sales mainly Christmas sales so they are a lot cheaper but during the year when there aren't sales I trawl through sites such as Groupon for Groupon's Top Beauty Deals. I think with customers fighting more and more for our business these days try not to pay full price for anything you buy. Sign up to mailing lists so you receive updates and get notified about sales.

4.  Collect Samples
I love love samples and I have a whole stash of them in a box ready to use for holidays / weekends away or even just trying out products I would never pay the full price for as a treat. A lot of brands are quite happy to give out samples over the counter and obviously if you purchase anything ask for even more samples!

5. Be Flexible
I think this is the key message here, the more flexible you are the more you are able to save. I know we all have our "I must use this for my face etc..." thats fine but think about changing all the other products you use. Sometimes supermarket brands are just as good as the so called "designer brands". For example the MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick £17.50 but there is an identical dupe that's even more longer lasting from Primark for £2 and everyone is going crazy for it..

If you decide to give this a go GOOD LUCK!


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