7 Ways to Keep Kids Busy During School Holidays

There are very many ways of keeping your child busy when out of school. Keeping your child busy when out of school is very important since it helps in instilling good morals since the child does not get time for a bad company that can ruin morals. Below are some of the activities that your child can engage in during the holidays.

1. Doing Homework
The first thing that you should check after school is whether your child has bring some assignment home. If he or she has some homework the first thing is to complete it before engaging in any other activity. Homework given in school helps the child to practice what he or she has learned in school.

2. Ice-Skating
Ice-skating is a game for both adults and children. It helps in improving balance, Posture, flexibility, and coordination. It also helps in enhancing muscle strength. Skating improves child’s mental capability since it involves mental and physical coordination.

3. Swimming
Swimming among all other games has a unique feature that of life-saving. It is very important that your child knows how to swim as a preventive measure to drowning which is a very common accident among children. Besides the safety benefit, swimming also helps in maintaining your heart rate, reduces stress, builds and strengthens muscles, exercises lungs, burns calories. It is the only physical activity that helps to tone the whole body.

4. Visiting Museum
Museums are community centers set up to educate the public. Museums take care of history and when you take your child to a museum he or she will have a great insight about the history and will be able to compare and contrast what is important to them hence building on their critical thinking.

5. Watching Cartoon/comic strips
Children always want to have fun and enjoy every bit of their lives. Cartoons are always correlated with fun and humor. Therefore, get your child cartoons for entertainment or comic strips on Lol Hit. They give practical experience or a real-life example that makes your child develops super understanding skill. They can also help to develop public speaking skills and also improve on vocabulary.

6. Creative Writing
Creative writing is one of the most important activities or skill that your child can engage in as a way of development. It is scientifically proven that writing help to develop cognitive growth, organizational capability and ability to influence others through persuasion.
Creative writing will help to improve your Childs’ imagination, self-expression, self-confidence, and communication and persuasion skills.

7. Reading
Giving children materials to read will help to keep them busy and at the same time expounds on their knowledge, exposes them to new things and boosts their imagination and creativity. There are a lot of materials that children can read during their free time e.g. novels, newspapers, magazines, articles, diaries, motivational books, and the list is endless.   

Keeping children busy is important, as the saying goes idle mind is a devils workshop. If they remain idle they might get involved in the bad company and as you all know bad company ruins good morals.


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