5 Things That Will Make Your Life Easier

If you and your other half both work full time and you have kids it's often a juggle. Each day has it's challenges from who's picking up dinner, cooking, when to do housework / laundry, grass needs cutting or the car needs washing. It really is never ending and you often wonder what it would be like to have various luxuries. If I could pick my top 5 luxuries it would be the following.

I often go home on my lunch breaks to do a quick 40 minute clean which involves hoover, clean entire bathroom, tidy up of all the toys and wiping down the kitchen. I don't particularly like doing it on my lunch break but it saves me time...time that I don't have in the evenings or weekends because we are out doing family stuff. Having a cleaner over once or twice a week would be amazing!

I am sure majority of people actually hate cutting the grass or any form of gardening, but yet everyone loves a beautifully maintained garden. Gardening takes time and they need constant up keep to keep it pleasing to the eye. Surprisingly having a gardener is not as expensive as you would think so it's worth looking online for a quote for perhaps 1 hour a week every week or 2 hours every other week.

This may sound a little crazy but I also use my lunch break to get my shellac manicure / pedicures done. Again this is because I don't have time after work and weekends I would rather have a lie in than get out of bed early to get them done. If I can have the luxury of getting someone local to pop over every 3 weeks that would be amazing along with giving me home massages!! The dream here!!

Cook / Chef
Ok, so you may wonder why I don't have time in the evenings...well I don't finish work until 6pm for starters so it's rather late. Soon as I am home I get going with cooking dinner for the family. I hate ready meals so I do prepare freshly made meals daily with the occasional take away but hardly. Soon as dinner is out of the way we do bath, reading then bed. When the little one is in bed I jump in the bath and catch up on all my blogging social media. Soon as bath is finished I start blogging....you starting to get a picture why I am so busy all the time.

Thank goodness tumble dryer was invented is all I have to say! Pre kids I never bothered tumble drying anything but now I tumble dry as much as I can. There is only 3 of us but there is so much laundry each week. Soon as you get it all out of the way you realise all the bed sheets need doing. This is the part I hate the most and I don't have time like I use to...to be ironing them. If I can have someone who takes care of my bedding laundry and brings them back to me washed and ironed weekly that would be AMAZING!

Realistically you could have 2 of the 5 luxuries but depending on which 2 it could be rather costly!


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