Making Your Backyard Design an Extension of Your Interior Decor

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We are all too quick to let the outside in, with plants decorating every room. But not many out there have yet mastered how to bring the inside decor outside. Your backyard is the backdrop of so many memories, and yet we give it as much love as we do the laundry - there for a purpose but no need to make it inviting. Start looking at your backyard design with fresh eyes, and explore how you can add interior touches to make it that much more welcoming.

Light it up
If you have experienced bad lighting then you know how much it can impact the feel of a space. Set the right tone with Havit Lightin in your backyard oasis so you can establish the space as a relaxation and entertainment area. Most outdoor spaces will be fitted with fluorescents, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change bulbs or add tea light candles to soften the light. Certain occasions will warrant different lights so you might want to select two solutions, one dim lighting for wine night, and a brighter light for when the kids are playing in the patio.

Make it comfy
Hate to say it, but no one is going to stick around in your backyard standing on wet grass in the cold, with nowhere to sit or recline. Making your backyard space comfy and visually pleasing is a key step towards achieving successful backyard design. It doesn’t matter how much space you are working with, add some furniture, cushioning, blankets and ambient props to make this a space that reflects your interior home. You could add a charging station or stack of books to promote use, and some insect repellent is never a bad idea either!

Add some green
Who doesn’t love a big lovely fern or the soft scent of flowers? This is what’s going to take your space to the next level, as plants are a decor addition that never go out of style. A nice variation of big and small is a good place to start, and use different pot shapes as a point of difference. If you really want to invest in the space, you could look to add a vertical garden. A vertical garden is going to make a big splash at your first BBQ, and they self-irrigate so there is no chance of forgetting to water and waking up to a brown vertical garden!

Dine and drink
Pop that champagne or crack open that beer! Outdoor entertaining never goes out of style so it’s time to get your space ready for some nibbles and drinks. If the backyard is to be a true extension of your interior decor, then you need to have an adequate casual dining seen that you can turn to on sunny days. This could be as simple as a BBQ setup, a spit roast or even a presentable bar fridge that stocks your Pimms supplies. Get creative with dining seating, you can always choose colourful cushions to sit on instead of chairs or some stylish bean bags to keep it casual.
Outside entertainment is a pleasure that all Australians are granted, so why not take advantage of our enviable weather and get your backyard design to a level that is worth celebrating. These changes don’t need to happen all at once, so pinpoint the things you love about your interior design and see if they can be translated to your backyard design.


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