The Best Ways to Keep Vinyl Floors in Top Condition

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Cleaning vinyl floors can be easy and relatively cheap to do. Doing so will ensure you keep your flooring in great condition and their lifespan significantly increases. Getting into the routine and follow the tips explained in this article will go a long for your vinyl floors.

If you’re searching for high quality flooring in the Melbourne area, Market Timbers brings you vinyl flooring Melbourne locals prefer. If you already have vinyl floors and you want to learn about the maintenance they require, keep reading for some of the most effective tips around.

Vinyl Floor Maintenance Tips

Ø  Vacuum or sweep up any debris, grit and dirt as soon as possible. Vinyl floors can be damaged if dusts are left on it for a long time. A soft brush or a vacuum clean on the lower level will do the job nicely.

Ø  As vinyl doesn’t absorb liquids, anything spilt will sit on the floor and end up damaging it. Not only this, it presents a slipping hazard for the family and people in your home. Always use a cloth to wash the surface and make sure it is dry after finishing.

Ø  When tackling marks and stains, all you need is some warm water and soap. If you are struggling, remember to grab baking soda from the kitchen cupboard and pour it on the stains. This will do the trick.
What Cleaning Products Work Well On Vinyl Floors?

Like with any type of vinyl flooring, you should always search for solutions that can be suitable for this. It’s worth reading the label before you buy anything just to be safe.
Also, it’s a good idea to buy gentle cleaning solutions that don’t contain harsh chemicals, especially if you have children or pets. After you have the solution pinned down, you should find something soft but firm that won’t scratch the surface of the vinyl.

When removing stains, here are some other solutions you can start looking into that work well on vinyl:

Ø   Baking soda
Ø   Diluted bleach
Ø   Alcohol

Important Tips To Remember

1.     Vinyl flooring is extra susceptible just after being installed. This means that furniture needs to be moved with extra caution after the floor has just been laid. You will also want to ensure everything is cleared off the vinyl in terms of dirt and dust. 

2.     Ensure nothing that could scrape the floor comes into contact with it. Anything sharp will need to be kept away from the surface.

3.     Get a doormat if you haven’t already. This will lessen the amount of dirt and grime transferred from outdoors. Also, unseen chemicals from the road can also cause the vinyl to become discoloured over time.

These are all great ways of looking after vinyl flooring. Doing so will keep them in good shape and prolong the lifespan of your floor so they look pristine for a longer time.


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