Benefits Of Electric Radiators Vs Gas Central Heating

We have electric central heating and we really like it. I always assume radiators were run from gas like it is in a house, however we have central heating running on electric. So here I share the basic benefits of electric radiators compared to gas central heating.

If your boiler breaks down it won't affect your electric heating. Enjoy the silence as because you won't hear the the boiler starting to heat up. This is the benefit of electric, it's is silence with no noise what so ever. Who remembers when growing up the annoying banging of water or the churning noise it makes when it starts to heat up the boiler and radiators.

It could potentially be cheaper, having electric compared to gas as there are no plumbing fees or servicing costs as they are powered through the mains.

If you haven't yet replaced your old boiler then you are potential running on inefficient heating system. The simple rule is the older your boiler the harder it will be to heating up your home. The gas central heating upkeep costs also relate to the corresponding radiators too, so if they leak / burst you will need to buy new ones. Also with gas you need a specialist to pop in to install which could end up rather costly. 
Electric heating helps the environment as they are more environmentally friendly than gas because there are zero emissions. There is certainly no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and no carbon dioxide either. You also don't lose heat through pipes either which is a bonus.
Being in 2018 with WIFI in pretty much every home there are devices at a touch of a button you get complete control over your thermostat. This means you can heat up some rooms more than others at a touch of a button which also helps with energy efficiency, how great does that sound!


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