FREE FAMILY ACTIVITY - Crabbing In Hamble Marina

Back in June we went on our very first Crabbing experience in the beautiful Hamble Marina with the little one. Never done it before and no clue what to do other than watching a quick youtube video the night before so we knew what to expect. We arrived in Hamble with no equipment and purchased a bucket, crabline, net and some bacon from co-op. We obviously paid more but we only decided to go a few days before so no time to purchase online. Everything can be brought from Blue Bijou a little home ware shop in the village. 
We headed down the high street into the marina part and lucky the tide was fine. This is something you should check before setting off otherwise it could be a very long wait for the tide to come back in so you can actually crab.
We were very lucky plenty of huge crabs that day that kept on coming! We did find if you use the bacon for too long it loses it's affect and the crabs become disinterested so you do need to change it frequently. 1 pack of bacon is more than enough to last the afternoon and any left overs the seagulls seem to eat it all up. 
Hamble is a picturesque destination and suitable for families of all ages. It has superb riverside views and beautify cobbled streets and a good selection of pubs / restaurants to choose from. You can sit and watch boats cruise along the river and it does get particularly busying during warm days.

We had a lovely first crabbing experience with the little one that we went back with friends a few weeks later. Not so lucky the next time as both families only caught a tiny crab each but it was a really hot day full of families crabbing...not sure if they got scared off!

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