How Double Glazing Windows Will Save You Money?

The cost of energy is soaring and we are always thinking's of ways to save money. Rather than the obvious food, entertainment, petrol have you thought about the cost of your gas / electric heating. Could it be you are using more because your windows have a draft coming in so it's stopping the room warming up properly? Whilst we are going through a heat wave stage, now is the best time to look into these things and get yourself a huge discount whilst everyone is looking into air conditioning!

So really how much can you save a year with double glazing. So it's been said that figures do vary on how much you can save per year, this all depends on your heat usage, your energy consumption and the type and energy efficiency of your home. However in a typical semi detached house you could save between £75-£100 with B rated double glazing glass installed and between £85-£110 a year with A rated glass installed. For detached homes you can saved as much as £130 per window for A rated glass and in an apartment its between £50-60 a year. With energy prices continuing to rise the chances are that savings will continue to increase.

Reducing the general running cost of your home is one of the primary saving, however there are other financial benefits worth considering. First being the most obvious, the increase of your home value. Estate agents have revealed that it can potentially increase the value of your home by as much at 10% by installing double glazing.

By being energy efficient also benefits the environment. Double glazing reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 680kgs a year, therefore if all property's have double glazing then that's a huge amount saved to help the planet. You can opt for wooden fit or glass materials that are environmentally sustainable materials meaning there is no additional waste created.

It's also worth noting glazing usually lasts more than 20 years before needing repairs. With the cost saving and additional home value that can be added to your property this means it can quickly repay the investment cost.

As with all these things there are plenty of companies offering this service so it's best to shop around for the best prices to ensure you get the cheapest Windows.


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