The Pros And Cons Of Having Artificial Grass

Over the last few years artificial grass is more popular than ever and people are even using them for balcony's and roof terraces. I would assume most are sceptical at first thinking its like astro turf which we all hate with all the fall out bits. For those who have no clue how it works or not sure here are some of the pros and cons to getting artificial grass.

The Pros 
  • One of the obvious things is saving money on watering the law. You do not need to water which will be better for the environment reducing water usage.
  • Low maintenance for busy families like myself, just imagine having the perfect green lawn all year round which requires no mowing!
  • The grass is rather aesthetically pleasing as it looks green and perfect all year round.
  • If you have a holiday home you don't want to waste money on maintenance paying someone to cut it monthly for you.
  • Its great for older users who may struggle with the mowing and up keep of real grass.
  • Artificial grass cannot be dug up, if you have a dog you don't have to worry about it digging up lumps in the garden.
  • Artificial grass offers a variety of shades and the quality has improved over time with a lot of the higher end surfaces giving a very natural appearance.
  • It could be a smart investment when the time comes to sell your home as it could potentially attract buyers.

The Cons
  • The production of artificial grass in some cases could be bad for our environment and potentially cause waste and pollution. This all comes down to the company / brand you purchase from and their production methods.
  • Some of these points could put some customers off and they may prefer natural grass.
  • It is likely to be very expensive to install to a good standard.
  • Some people simply enjoy mowing the grass and maintaining their garden as a hobby, so artificial grass will not appeal to them.
  • Strangely some people enjoy the smell of grass in the summer when they cut it....obviously you won't get that with artificial grass!
  • I guess the biggest disadvantage is that it will not last forever unfortunately. On average the artificial grass has a lifespan of around 7-15 years depending on the quality. It is still a long time providing you with many years of easy maintenance 
Look at these amazing transformation before and after photos!


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