6 Super-Practical Household Use Of Recycled Envelopes

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Businesses order brown envelopes for multiple reasons. When businesses order brown envelopes, the envelops end up at the homes of their customers or clients. What do you do when these envelopes end up at your house? Do you throw them away? The envelopes you throw away can be reused for many household purposes. Instead of adding to the ever-increasing pile of waste in landfills, here’re a few ways to reuse these envelopes.

Businesses order brown envelopes and mails them to customers. As the customer receiving the brown envelopes you can recycle the envelopes and send mail in them. With envelopes with a few things printed on it, you can use a black marker and cover the print. You can even carefully deconstruct the envelop, turn it inside out and reconstruct it. You will have a new envelope to use when you want to mail something.

Organise Accessories
Small accessories tend to get lost when you are trying to find them. Envelopes are highly useful when it comes to organizing small accessories like earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. You can take the envelopes that you get in the mail and use them to organize your small accessories. Envelopes with windows are the best for storing accessories since the window will allow you to see what jewelry is there inside. Even if you only have solid brown envelops you can write what kind of accessory is inside the envelope on top.

Organize Seeds
For the gardening hobbyist, envelopes can be handy. Keeping track of seeds can be a headache when gardening. You do not want your seeds to get planted in places where you do not intend them to be. By using envelopes that you get in the mail, you can get your seeds organized. Put the seeds in the packets and label them according to the kind of seed that you have put in. Seal the envelope with tape so that the seeds do not fall out.

Gift Packets
When you have to give small items as gifts, wrapping them up can be a waste of wrapping paper. Instead of using wrapping paper you can recycle envelopes that you get in the mail. You can use colorful paint and glitter to decorate the envelope to make it look lively. By reusing the envelops to wrap your gift you do not have to waste wrapping paper.

Organise Paperwork
Envelopes can be used to store and sort all kinds of paperwork. Bills need to be sorted for filing taxes. Instead of spending money on buying a folder, you can just reuse the envelopes that you have received. You can mark the envelops and keep inserting the bills into the correct envelope. Sorting the bills in the demarcated envelopes will make the process of filing taxes easier.

Make Notepads
You can open up the envelops, cut them up into rectangle sheets and bind them together to make a small notebook. The notes can also be attached to a clipboard so that notes can be easily written and removed.

Do not throw away envelops you get in the mail, use them around the house.


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