7 Jobs You Can Do From Home

The benefits of working from home are numerous. You will enjoy the luxury of having your own space; be able to set your own schedule; and be answerable only to yourself. While there are a few downsides - for example, many people who work from home suffer with issues around loneliness - the benefits undeniably outweigh the negatives.
Thankfully, the advent of the digital age has meant that working from home is easier than ever. If you have a computer, decent IT literacy, and working broadband, it’s more than feasible that you can make your living from the comfort of your own home office. Below, we have put together a starter guide to the areas you can consider if you want to abandon your commute and embrace the work-from-home lifestyle for yourself…

Freelance writing
By the very nature of the profession, freelance writing lends itself well to working from home. While the industry can be difficult, if you have a way with words and a thick skin, this could be the perfect at-home role for you.

Day trading
Most of us will associate this profession with long work hours in high-pressured rooms filled with computers and surrounded by people, but day trading for a living is more than possible if you work from home. You’ll need a head for numbers and a willingness to research the subject in-depth, but if you’re willing to put the work in, day trading is a beneficial - if somewhat surprising - money-making opportunity which has already attracted a diverse crowd of at-home workers.

Customer service
Again, customer service is a profession that many of us have preconceived ideas of: we imagine huge offices filled with people wearing headsets, a quintessential office setup. However, more and more companies are now choosing to utilize at-home workers for customer service by using VOIP and similar systems. If you have the patience for customer service and a reliable internet connection, this could definitely be an avenue worth exploring.

While blogging is still a new industry, it is nevertheless a successful one, and many bloggers have found the income from their site is sufficient to serve as their full-time job. Unfortunately, this process tends to be slow, and only established bloggers - some of whom have been writing and publishing their blog for years - are able to generate a full-time income. However, you won’t be able to reach that point unless you start, so if you have a passion for content creation, then starting a blog is well worth doing. Even if it doesn’t grow into a full-time income, it could still be a beneficial side hustle that allows you an element of creative expression also.

Website design
Web designers can work for a specific company in a standard office, but the profession is a well-established choice for those who would prefer to work from home on a freelance basis. Web design is an incredibly accessible industry; your skills are of more value than your previous experience or qualifications, so if you can create a good portfolio of sites, you shouldn’t have any issues attracting clients.

Accountancy / bookkeeping
Another good choice if you have a head for numbers is working as an accountant or bookkeeper, either as a freelancer for numerous companies or for a single organization on a remote basis. Due to the computerized nature of the work, accountants and bookkeepers are founding members of the work-from-home revolution - and it is also worth noting that these occupations tend to be quite well-remunerated. The only downside is that these roles tend to require certifications and qualifications, but many people study alongside their day-job, and then go full-time once certified.

Virtual assistant
The explanation of this role is found within the description: you’ll be working as an assistant, in a virtual setting. Many people - including others who work from home - have the need for an assistant, but do not have the funds or space required to hire someone full-time. As a virtual assistant, you will provide assistance on scheduling and other administrative tasks, often for multiple clients. As a result, you will need to be highly organized, motivated, and have excellent computer skills to enter into this kind of work.
A swift switch to a more digital world has made working from home a possibility for millions of people. If you wish to follow in the footsteps of those who have already carved out a living in this ever-growing field, then the careers above may well be worth pursuing. Good luck!


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