How To Make Quick And Easy Sushi At Home With SUSHEZI

We are a family of Sushi lovers! Unfortunately in the UK it's rather expensive so when we started weaning we made our own so Sushi was introduced to the little one at a very young age which might be the reason why she enjoys it so much! It's actually very easy to make and I recently discovered a new gadget Sushezi which makes the making process even faster and easier!

Sushi filling so what ever you like - we like avocado, japanese pickles, cucumber and tuna & sweetcorn.
Sushi rice as its more sticky and combines together better
Rice seasoning (see photo below) can be purchased in most chinese supermarkets
Sheets of seaweed - can be purchased in tesco / asda / sainsburys
Soy Sauce and wasabi if you wish for seasoning - can be purchased in tesco / asda / sainsburys 
Boil your sushi rice like you would usually cook rice then let it cool and add the seasoning. Chop up and prepare your fillings ready to fill.
It really is as easy as the step by step instructions above!
These are great for dinner party's where you can make lots in advance and keep it wrapped up in cling film so it stays fresh or make in the evening and pop it in the fridge.

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Seaweed
Contains Iodine and Tyrosine, Which Support Thyroid Function. ...
Good Source of Vitamins and Minerals. ...
Contains a Variety of Protective Antioxidants. ...
Provides Fiber and Polysaccharides That Can Support Your Gut Health. ...
May Help You Lose Weight by Delaying Hunger and Reducing Weight. ...
May Reduce Heart Disease Risk.


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