Top 5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For This Winter

Summer is officially over and what a great one it has been this year with all the lovely weather. It's starting to feel cooler and the days are getting shorter which means winter is just round the corner. Here are some simple tips to get you through winter, a bit like a home MOT check list!

Home Insurance
The very basics, make sure your home insurance policy is up to date and you are fully covered for winter related damages. Stay on top of simple home maintenance that may be part of your insurance policy such as clearing the gutters. Good roofline products will make your life easier.

This is such a common problem and it always seems to break down in the winter when we need it the most. A poorly maintained boiler actually wastes a lot of energy and not to mention it will cost you more pennys. Get your boiler serviced before winter and all the usual basic checks to reduce the risk of it breaking down.

You hear it every winter, burst pipes are common due to rapid freezing and thawing potentially causing costly damage. The easiest way to stop this happening is to keep your pipes warm with foam cardigan which will reduce heat lost and insulate the pipes to stop them freezing. Its the simplest things you can do that make a huge difference when the time comes.

Bleed Your Radiators
We do this so often as I often touch the top of our heaters and it's cold. So easy to do and make sure you keep that key safe for when you need it. By bleeding it you are releasing the trapped air allowing the heater to run more efficiently and keeping your home warmer.

If you live in a slightly older home then you are more than likely to get a chilly winter breeze coming through. Check the edges of windows, doors for droughts and either seal those gaps with self adhesive draught strips or get a drought excluder shaped like a snake to block those chills.

One bonus one...

Now is also the best time to do it as leaves will start falling and your gutters and drainpipes will get filled with all the loose foilage. If the blockage gets too much then you could run the risk of water going back up int he guttering and leak into the roof and down the walls of the house. Yes, I know it's one of those tasks no one likes doing, if that's the case get someone round to do it for you, roofline products also offer a guttering service at a competitive price.


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