PARENTING - What I Feed My Toddler (Part 9)

I am getting really bad at uploading these when I should be doing 1 a week easily, since we cook at least 6 days a week. It's just finding time to create the collage and a quick write up like today. When you are a full time working mum, everything is a juggle so simple things like this finding the time is not easy. I have literally taken this afternoon off work just to catch up on "life" so admin and blog posts along with general tidying up which seems to be never ending. I am finding half day holidays are great for these things and I am going to book in a few more to use up rest of my holiday allowance this year.

Top left - creamy sweetcorn chicken with rice and steamed brocoli
Top right - spag bol with peppers, few mussels and dough balls
Bottom left - cheesey chicken with baby tomatoes and veggie green risotto
Bottom right - mushroom soup with buttered toast and salad  

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