Top 5 Benefits of Steam Showers

Installing an Insignia Shower Cabin in your bathroom may sound rather indulgent, but it could be one of the best things! There are many health benefits to steam showers from stress relief to it being amazing for your skin. Steam showers relaxes your mind and body, allowing your system to get rid of the metabolic waste whilst improving your circulation and even your breathing. 

Here are the top 5 benefits:

Stress Relief
Steam showers are so relaxing, the feeling of the heat soaking into your muscles can cause any tension to just melt away within minutes. You may also find you get a better nights sleep after steaming as the warmth of the steam increases your blood circulation and relaxes your muscles. It also releases endorphins in your brain which will help you relax emotionally as well as mentally. 

Clear Skin 
This is one of my favourites, a little as 20 minutes of steam per week can help improve your skin tone and clarity. I often steam clean my face to unblock, extract blocked pores by being able to do it in the shower for my entire body sounds heavenly! Steam clean cleanese your skin and increases your perspiration which gets rid of dead skin cells, bacteria and the dirt that builds up in the top layer of your skin which is exactly the reason why I steam my face weekly. A steam shower can also soften hair, making it easier to shave without cuts.

Improved Circulation
The moist heat of a steam shower widens your blood vessels which will bring down your blood pressure naturally. As a result your blood flow increases which will improve your overall circulation, perfect for the winter in keeping warm. When circulation improves it will provide more oxygen to your calls and helps keep your arteries healthy. Your muscles will also function better if you steam regularly, perfect for those who exercises regularly. 

Easier Breathing 
This is exactly why steaming is so good when you have a cold and all blocked up. The steam opens up your sinuses to provide the relief!

Recovery From Exercise
This is exactly why professional athletes head straight for the sauna / steam after a big work out or game. Metabolic waste builds up in your muscles during exercise and this is why you get sore muscles after a good work out. By heading to the steam shower it can help your body get rid of this waste and it's especially good when you alternate steam with a cold shower to get your capillaries working at pushing the waste out of the muscles.


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