Top Three Tips for Small Business Start-Ups

Get an accountant
Any small business that means, well business, should endow themselves with a good accountant who offers payroll services and can be there in case of a dreaded audit. There is little that surpasses the importance of financial integrity when it comes to the early days of a small business and this holds true even for existing enterprises. There is an overwhelming temptation to believe, as the owner or manager that you can take care of the many accounting responsibilities with the help of software like QuickBooks!

However hiring a good accountant is far more efficient, freeing key staff to concentrate on their jobs and growing the business. In the end, hiring an accountant can more than justify the expense and is a very sound investment.

During the start-up phase an accountant can be especially invaluable. Here are the key benefits of having a specialist accountant on-board during this vital time:

The accountant can:
Offer advice on how to structure your company and what type of company would be most advantageous to form.
Help draw up the financial section of your business plan and help procure funds.
Offer vital advice on decision making that can lead to maximising profits should your personal finances be tied to the success of your new company.
Promote great initial staff morale through efficient payroll services. Nothing is capable of disrupting working life and having a negative impact on staff morale quite like an unreliable payment system. If your employees are paid regularly and on time then they will inevitably be a happier bunch and more efficient at their jobs. Having an accountant who takes care of payroll is a no-brainer.

Get SEO Services
In an ever more competitive online climate the vital importance of the role played by SEO is all too apparent. Without a Search Engine Optimised website your company can become lost amidst a sea of SEO-ready competitors. To avoid this dreadful fate it is imperative that a small business start-up employ a specialist in SEO services to get their site recognised by the likes of Google. If your company does not show up on the first couple of pages of popular search engines then what are the chances of new customers finding your services? There are of course many pitfalls in finding the right SEO Company and so it is vital that you ask some key questions, such as:
  • Please can I see your portfolio of successful clients?
  • Exactly how will you improve my search engine ranking?
  • Do you comply with Google’s strict guidelines? (You do not want to be blacklisted).
  • Please share all changes you make to my site with me.
  • Exactly how much will I pay?
  • If we part company what happens? Will I retain ownership of the SEO content?
By asking such important questions upfront you can rest easy should you decide you can manage on your own in the future, or wish to switch to a new SEO company.

Find a good PR company
While, as a start-up CEO / owner you doubtless know your company’s story better than anyone else and may argue ‘why should I hand over control of PR to a third party?’ Just because you know your business better, it doesn’t necessarily hold true that you can communicate that story better. A good example could be a particularly shy author, let’s say J.R.R. Tolkien suffered from extreme shyness and was around today. He may know his story from back to front but I’m pretty sure someone like Stephen Fry would be a better choice to make a public reading of the book. The hiring of a PR and marketing firm is akin to hiring a whole squadron of professional, enthusiastic (hopefully) storytellers who will, for a fee, become immersed in your business ethos and services and work out the best way to tell your story, with the greatest potential for lead generation. The best choice of PR agency for a start-up will be one whose proposal sounds a bit like this...however there are lots on the market so it's best to search around for the right Online PR Marketing company to suit you.
  • Custom designed campaigns
  • Passionate team of senior through to junior talent
  • No red tape or infrastructure costs
  • No management fees
  • Quick turnover of a successful program.


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