My Top 5 Cheap Mobile Tips

How Much Do You Pay Per Month On Your Contract?
The simple rule is if you are paying more than £10 per month for your mobile then you need to STOP. In recent years the price of using a mobile had dropped and I am sharing my top 5 tips on how you can make a saving including prices of handsets.

If you are paying more it could be one of these reasons, if one does apply then it's the logical reason however you might still be able to save.

  • You are paying more for a big data allowance.
  • You are paying off the cost of a handset - most common reason
  • You have a poor credit score so you can't get a handset.
  • You are paying for roaming charges abroad.

If you are paying for your mobile on a contract and you are outside your minimum term then you need to stop right away. As one of the reasons stated above you are paying off a handset you have already bought!

Never settle for the same deal provider and price each year as prices are dropping yearly, so you should in fact be paying less monthly.

Do You Really Need A High End Handset?
It's always tempting to go for the newest model with the best spec when you pick a new phone. The latest top end smartphones are typically £600+ but there are plenty of cheaper options out there with the same core functions from the likes of Samsung / Apple.

It's worth remembering buying the handset outright is usually the cheapest option with the top end mobiles and it's always worth looking for the LatestDeals to see what's on offer.

Interest Free Options
If you really can't resist the latest versions one of the big retailers Apple do offer interest free option to spread the cost. There are always various deals so payments can be spread out anywhere from 6-24 months.

Contract Length
This is often what people forget is the contract length. Don't sign up for an 18-24 month contract and find out after 3 months you simply cannot afford to keep up with payments.

Even the oldest of mobiles can make you a few pounds or in some cases a few hundred pounds. You can recycle your old handset rather than leave it lying around in your home then eventually in the bin.

Hopefully some of the pointers will help you access your own situation, and perhaps see if there are savings to be made.


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