Packing Your Antiques For Transport Or Storage

If you are looking to move home or put your possessions into storage and you own antiques, it is essential that you ensure they are packed correctly to prevent them from being damaged. Below are some tips to help you pack up your possessions correctly and prevent them from being damaged when you move them or place them into storage.

Keep An Inventory
One thing that you may wish to do is to keep an inventory of everything that is being packed and ensure that there is also a detailed description. If any of your antiques have any damage or marks already, make a note of these in your inventory list and add as much detail as you can. You can also take images of each of your antiques and highlight any existing damage such as a scratch on your antique writing desk, or chip on your vase. You may find things that you have not noticed before which you may accuse the moving or storage company of doing, so it is something that is worth your time and effort to do.

Use A Professional Service
It is much better to use the services of a professional company, rather than a man with a van. A professional moving and storage company is also going to have full insurance in case anything does happen to your antiques while in transit of being stored, which gives you added peace of mind. A moving company is also going to have plenty of experience at packing and will ensure that the job is done correctly.

Three Layers Of Protection
You will want to pack your antiques in a similar way that a museum would pack their exhibits. It may seem like a lot of work but packing correctly will help to ensure that everything stays in one piece and no additional damage is done. You will want to add the first layer of protection, for porous items such as books and artwork, a layer of archival tissue which is non-acid is best. For other things such as furniture and ceramics, a layer of stretch wrap is perfect. Once the first layer has been added, you will then want to surround the item in bubble wrap which will act as shock protection, also helping to prevent damage from vibrations. The final layer should be a protective shell, and the best material to use for this is a wooden box, although cardboard can also be used. You will want to make sure that any items that you place inside cannot move about and packing material or Styrofoam peanuts can be used to keep things in place.
Following these steps will help to ensure that your antiques stay safe and intact when you are transporting them or putting them into storage. You can get further tips and advice by looking online for articles on the subject.

Loading The Truck
You will also want to ensure that when the truck is being loaded and unloaded that it is done carefully. On the outside of each box, before they are placed on the vehicle, mark which way is up and even use a marker to describe what is inside the container. The load should be spread inside the truck and ensure that it cannot move about while in transit. Just as much care should be taken when unloading at the other


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