PARENTING - How To Make A Kids Handprint Christmas Wreath

We made our very first handprint christmas wreath last weekend. After posting a photo of it on my instagram I received so many comments and replies to my stories I thought it would be great to share it with you all. It's very easy to make with a co-operating toddler otherwise it could get a little messy with the green plate.
What you will need:
Card for the hand print or paper plates 10x
Green paint
Glitter glue
Sequins or anything for the decorating.
Using a brush get your toddler to start painting their hand while you lay out all the paper plates ready. Once the hand is complete painted, I would suggest for you to take the hand to do the print. Each painted hand will make 2 prints if you press down on each of the fingers to ensure enough pressure is applied.
Once that is done using a paperplate cut out a small circle (see above photo) then paint it completely green. This circle will hold and support all those hand prints. Once the paint is dry cut out all your hand prints and tape them onto the green ring. When everything is secured the fun starts with the decorating. I squeezed out some glitter paint, ribbon to make the bow and a pom pom for the goggle eyes.
The final step is to stick them all together with tape to form a round circle. Once that is done we painted ours with glitter glue and added in a few sequins and let it dry before hanging it up! The little one was very proud of her final piece.


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